Thursday, April 12, 2007

where am i?

i seem to have stumbled into this dark icky place...

oh, wait. its my 'blog'.

almost forgot i had one.

unfortunately, i may have to keep forgetting i have one. i just posted so it doesnt get shut down.

i am so fucking busy.

Monday, September 18, 2006

my new favorite rock band


Nice song and even better video...check out youtube for their VMA performance and their other videos, you'll love them.

Will post again soon. Uber busy.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Captain's Blog 06-003

Ray, Echo
1700 H

My apologies for this long delayed relaying of the recent dreadful events that have happened. In my last log, I spoke of a meeting with our Senior Captain, Marie Sen-Sen and its seemingly sinister intent, which is to consolidate me and Alpha Ray's captainship into the command of Fox, the captain of our Flagship, The Conflux One. Our fears where realized. It was a move of pure malice and evil, it was to put into motion a power struggle between the two subfleets that I did not want to be part of. You see, that move will tip the balance of power towards the Maktecia Subfleet. I want one Conflux, but not one borne from the ashes of a civil war where one faction rules and the other-slaves.

But that, dear reader, is exactly what happened. War raged and the Maktecia fleet is currently laying waste to Outmaktecia's ships. I...abandoned the battle midway, for i could not bear pointing my cannons at those I consider my friends. My crew and I feigned massive damage and broke away from the onslaught. I jumped ship and resigned as its captain, to save my crew. It was hard for me to do so, but it was the right path for me. My crew understood. Gad knows how I loved them, and out of that very love i had to leave them behind. They will not suffer any consequences as I took all responsibility for the ship's abandonment of the battle. Alpha Ray has since then assumed, reluctantly, the captainship of the Interprize. His is a struggle far from over. As is mine.

I vow to return and save my crew, save Alpha Ray, and save my friends in Outmaktecia. I am now aboard a pirate ship. Nameless, for it has to be a unmentionable. Invisible, for it has to slip by the Conflux One unnoticed. Dead but undead, for it has to be a ghost. Shrewd and cunning, for it has to strike at the opportune moment.

Gad help me, I must be victorious. Lives depend on me.

End of log.

my long delayed in-depth review of superman returns

Bryan Singer should have stopped directing after The Usual Suspects.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

very important announcement regarding xmen: the last stand...

Do not, i repeat, do not leave the movie until after the credits. There is a final scene which may redeem the movie (at least for those, like me, that hated one of the key deaths in the movie)

ho boy. deaths. theres lots of them here in the supposedly 'final' installment of the series. but sadly, the one I wanted to die was spared. spared!

i guess i got what i wanted then eh? i wanted non-stop slam bang action in an X-men film. Bryan Singer did not give us that in the previous two, hence my luke warm feelings towards them. but boy did i miss his subtlety and character development approach here. the very characters he built in the first two where totally disrespected. no redeeming factor whatsoever. i didnt want an exact replica of the comicbooks, mind you, but jeez they didnt even honor the first two films' foundations. i have no problem with characters dying, but at least write them off honorably.

that said, its still a watchable summer block buster movie, if only for the fantastic effects (but gad, storm flies funny, and the 'fastball special' was more like the 'floating ball held on a wire flung ever so slowly towards its target')

finally, i'd like to qoute two cliched dialogue in the movie: "god help us all" and "what have i done?"

what indeed. what, pray tell, indeed.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


i just saw the full trailer of Superman Returns and am now hopelessly psyched about the movie. I must admit that although The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies of all time, i had mixed feelings on Byan Singer's handling of the two first x-men films. i felt it did not have the action and excessiveness of the comicbooks, but at the same time was satisfied with the realism they portrayed. but the bottomline is: i wanted more slam bang action.

Superman Returns for me, then, should have that since they've established that this is a sequel, and not a rehashing like batman begins was. it should not dwell on how or why superman came to be. i want the next level, and i dont mean just advancement in special effects. i want new villains, world ending threats, mass mayhem and destruction (ergo, i loved kevin smith's proposed script a few years ago). having said all that, though, im still eagerly awaiting this movie, even if early indications is that:


the villain is still luthor (and his incompetent minions), the world ending threats are still petty crimes and a crashing plane, and the grand finale involves an earthquake.

anyway, here are some favorite scenes from the trailer

"okay lois, after this its my turn" *crunch*

i love the fact that superman now 'hovers in a standing position' a lot ala-kingdom come.

is it me or is that plane crashing...upwards?

nice shot. rehash of a scene in superman 1 and 2...but still, nice shot.



still think the 's' on the belt is a tad overkill.

*yawn* normal bullets? feh! see how they bounce back at ya!

looks like this is going to be a great action sequence in the movie. but...seriously, give me superpowered villains instead. no, not nuclear man thank you.

still, cant wait to see this movie.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the list gets longer and longer

Got some new books again recently, making my reading list longer and longer by the week.

The Sea by John Banville. Winner of the 2005 Booker Prize, narrowly beating Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. Not too excited reading this but am extremely curious about the author's fantastic prose.

Light by M. John Harrison. Neil Gaiman declared this book as his 'favorite sci fi book in the last decade, maybe more'. Neil Gaiman previously declared Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel as 'the finest english novel of the fantastic in the last seventy years'. While i agree that Jonathan Strange is a great novel, i'm not too convinced that it eclipses lord of the rings and other british fantasy novels. i'm staring to wonder how much gaiman's friends are paying him to make such comments. Anyway, i've scanned through the first few chapters of light, and its nowhere near how gaiman praised it. So far, at least. Suffice it to say, I just finished Harrison's Viriconium and liked it. hope to be able to say the same about Light.

Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. After reading (and loving) the immensely engrossing and captivating Cloud Atlas, i've become a fan of this author. His latest novel is reportedly stripped down compared to the very complex cloud atlas. looking forward to hearing a different voice from this author.

Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie. Had a hard time reading The Satanic Verses but was extremely satisfied when i finished it. hope i dont take too much time reading through this one. plus, im very curious to find out how he writes janjalani and the abu sayaff.

Also downloaded quite a few e-books and transferred them to my pda. sleep and work are starting to suffer. minor sacrifices in the name of good reading, i always say. heh.

Monday, May 08, 2006

ayla learns something new

last night, ayla (8 years old) approached me and said: 'Now i know why shiva's (her dog) acting wierd and naughty and rude to our other dogs all the time'. Why is that, i ask. She points at a kiddie encyclopedia entry wherein she discovers that a female dog is called a ...