Tuesday, August 31, 2004

favorite movie moments, 1

Just the scenes that i've thought of today, i'm sure there'll be a lot more in the days to come.

in no particular order:

BATMAN RETURNS: Batman frantically searches for catwoman's body unaware that the penguin is slowly approaching from behind (may i note that his emergence from the water was superb). Penguin, in a final act of desperation, gets his umbrella gun form his pile of umbrellas and tragically picks out the wrong one. Nice cut from Michael Keaton (THE one and only batman for me, well until christian bale kicks ass in the suit anyway) turning to face penguin and penguin opening the red and white/carousel/baby charm umbrella. Then the paenguin dies.

FIGHT CLUB: Jack and Marla watch from a building window as all the other buildings around them explode and collapse. Jack takes her hand and the film ends. Nice music to boot. Perfect ending to a perfect movie.

THE CROW: Shelley "fetches" Eric Draven by his gravestone. Heart rending scene. Ethereal. The shot of shelley with white tattered gown flowing behind her is eerie as it is beautiful. And then she smiles at Eric, as if saying..."oh well, it's over...come with me, my love, you've done me justice...and you are done."

EXCALIBUR: King Arthur rides accross a dead and withered land. All the flowers start to bloom and the trees come alive in a burst of color and beauty as he passes. Killer soundtrack. The king and the land are one.

LEON, THE PROFESSIONAL: "open the door...please" mathilda begs as she just passes by her apartment and sees her parents and her brother dead on the floor, and the killers by the doorway. She pretends not to live there and therefore stops by LEons door and begs to be let in. Powerful performance by natalie portman. And by Jean Reno as Leon. Classic. Brings a tear to my evil eye everytime i watch it.

ZOOLANDER: Magnum. Need i say more? heh.


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