Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Note: this is a raw outline only...

The Life

Archon and Shimmer, former members of the paranormal team, Protectons, are now husband and wife. Five years earlier, the demon called Gargath killed half of the team and seriously injured the others. Shimmer lost her light manipulation powers...Geo, the team leader, sacrificed his life to destroy Gargath---or so it seemed...Negaton's energy field (he is an energy based being) dispersed into the atmosphere... Silvermane was brutally tortured and killed...etcetera.

Present day: Ultracity is in a state of decay brought about by crime, corruption, among other problems. Only one costumed vigilante, the mysterious Twilight Knight continues to operate. Although not able to completely change the situation, he is generally feared by the common thugs and the petty criminal heirarchy. His is a neverending struggle. One he endures alone...just the way he wants it.

Archon and Shimmer, retired, still reside in this city. Archon used to be the world's greatest archer, but he is now out of shape. Shimmer lost her power, and her will to make a difference. They are both disgusted with the state of the city, and the world.

They are powerless to change things. But Archon has a plan...

During a hostage situation, Archon decides to contact the hard to find Twilight Knight and convince him to form a team again. He has the resources and the technology to do so. Archon thinks that if he gets involved in the hostage situation, TK will find him. Archon does so, and he gets the crap beaten out of him...he is out of shape after all... The Twilight Knight arrives and saves the hostages...he then turns Archon's proposal down.

End of issue one.


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