Wednesday, September 01, 2004


previously : see chapter 1 and introduction, august 2004

Into the Fray

Archon and Shimmer decide to investigate the hostage situation (chapter 1). Having been rejected by the Twilight Knight, they decide to take matters into their own hands. They suspect Takezawa industries of dealing armaments and weapons to the various gangs in ultracity. The hostage situation was the result of a botched arms trade/buy-off. They suspect none other than the head of the company himself...

The couple is successful in exposing the company which results in a major battle atop the corporate tower culminating in the explosion of the topmost floors of the building.

This chapter ends with the couple hanging on to some loose beams, dangling over the side of the building. The Twilight Knight shows himself to them and tells them he's watched the battle all along. He thinks out loud if he should help them up. note: helping them now symbolizes his willingness to form a new group. We will note see at the end of the chapter what he will do.

additional notes:
-emphasize how archon and shimmer infitrate the building, detail archons and shimmer's not-so-prfect fighting skills brought about by their long hiatus.
- show prologues of what is to come...focus on a mysterious cult
- detail how TK observes the battle

end of issue 2.


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