Thursday, September 30, 2004


You know me. Everybody knows me. Everybody wants me. I am the stars, the moon, the sun. I am the dirt, the scum, the grime. I eat all of you from the inside. I devour, I smother, I crush. I fill you up and drain you. I live to kill and maim. I make you want me and then leave and turn away. I am worthless shit. Worthless, expensive, over-the-top, shining glimmering spectacular shit. Dirty and ugly scum sucking shit. I want to cradle you in my arms and crush every bone in your body. Bite and chew and spit out. Tounge pick and suck. What is left drips from my mouth. I will pick you from my teeth and eat you again. I am always hungry. A am never satisfied. I am sweet sex. Rippling shivering never-ending-explosion of desire and want.

I am me. And you are mine.


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