Thursday, September 02, 2004


Your silence says a lot.
And I understand clearly.

There’s no use dreaming.
A nightmare, this is.
And my bane, you are.

You drive me crazy.
And feel good about it.

You ignore me more.
And watch me die waiting.

You pretend to like me.
And cherish the fact that I LOVE you.

You will kill me.
And drink my blood.
And then bury me
In an unmarked grave
To be forgotten as if I never were.


Blogger Dyes said...

of course you would be hurt when you love. it is inevitable. the risk in loving is not in whether it would be painful or not, but rather, in whether you could endure the pain or not: endure the pain but be with the one you love, OR endure life without your love and the pain.

these are only my musings my friend, during my lucid interval in this world of work insanity.

(gosh, i think i may have formed new phrases!)

6:43 PM  

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