Thursday, September 02, 2004

a speech i wrote for a friend

*i wrote this four years ago...funny how things are more or less still the same after all this time.

This is very rough…but all I could manage for now - feel free to edit at will.

I was reading the newspaper for the past few days looking for a worthy subject for my speech today. Well, days have passed and I havent a decent thing to talk about. I was reminded why I have stopped reading the headlines at all. I couldn’t help but skip through them and dive straight into the entertainment columns, which I may add is also a site of many a travesty,

And so… I have a dilemma as to what Ive got to talk about today.

I certainly do not want to talk about the on-going crisis in Mindanao, how the government totally mishandled the Abu sayyaf ever since the beginning. How they’ve now found an end to justify the means…how they’ve gone and disregarded harmless civilians caught in the crossfire… Ask me again another day, and I’ll be saying that the offensive was the right thing to do since the Abu Sayyaf have gotten away with everything, including murder and have gotten very rich in the process. That’s how confusing the situation got….and I do not want to waste any more time to talk about it.

No, I don’t even want to mention that the gasoline prices have skyrocketed, and what was once a harmless joyride and “pasyals” for me and my family now turned into a trip (expense-wise) comparable to the treks to Bagiuo and all places north of here. Nor do I want to even mention the fact that the number of grocery bag and baskets seems to dwindle down for the same amount you’ve tried to maintain for a months worth of food and commodities. Need I mention that all our budgets are shot to hell? I don’t think so.

I even had high hopes of getting in front of you and at least talk about a positive thing like a medal (any medal) that our country could have won in the Olympics. Alas, after a few and very frustrating events wherein we could have gotten something had it not been for costly mistakes and coaching errors…I am here to say nothing about this particular topic.

I am also frustrated about the fact that there seems to be an on-going epidemic of sorts of stomach viruses affecting numerous children, including my own. So frustrated that I am not going to even mention it.

And the crime? Do you know how many features there are in a daily newspaper detailing crimes of incest and murders and robberies and graft and corruption? I shudder at the thought of talking about that.

(lonng pause…smile, sigh, project…bahala ka na)

And so…my quest for something to make a speech about ended up in failure. I stand in front of you empty handed…so to speak. I’ve got nothing to say.

Perhaps, all I need tell you now is that when I was reading all that, and thinking that it was all worhtless reading it and even talking about it…my mind subconsiously started to read between the lines, at the background of the pictures , in the spaces between the pages. What I saw, what I wanted to see, what I wanted to feel, was hope. Hope that in the next few days or weeks, or months, those empty spaces will have better news to feature, greater stories to tell, inspiring images to portray. When that time comes, and the optimist in me somehow knows it will…then I know we’ve got greater speeches to give, bigger smiles on our faces, and better dispositions.

Oh, I forgot to mention, just between the real and the imaginary pages… there were ads regarding a big, big sale in three major malls in Alabang…I guess that made me feel a little better too.

(thank the audience, smile, and you're done.)


Blogger Dyes said...

wow! see, there's still hope for you... (and i guess, in you *sigh*)... you just have to see that the glass is half-filled and not half-empty c: no matter how gruesome your day may be, think of something nice before you go to sleep and immediately waking up c: (tip: talk to someone you love or think about the one who loves you most)

keep it up, my friend!

6:12 PM  

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