Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Team Building
  • The Twilight Knight, Archon and Shimmer visit potential recruits.
  • Alternate "flashback scenes" of shimmer individually talking to retired heroes: Boomerang, Condor, Super Nova, etc. Note: for every interview scene/panel, show corresponding action scene/panel involving Archon, TK, and Johnny (The Alter Beast). Example: boomerang: "i've grown weary of running after thugs" and the next panel shows Archon huffing and puffing while running after johnny.
  • TK and Archon chases a boy who changes into a beast uncontrollably. When finally cornered, the boy transforms and gives the two a harsh beating. They eventually subdue it (TK uses brutal, questionable tactics, much to archon's objections) and the beast reverts to human form.
  • While TK and Archon load the boy into their vehicle, they receive a radio transmission from shimmer confirming the new recruits.
  • The new recruits: Phase, Condor, I/O (already with TK as his computer expert), Johnny (The Alterbeast) , Super Nova
  • Note: the boy's activities are relativley new. Hence, TK did not go after him until now. Unsure if he wants to actually recruit the boy, archon agrees if only to help johnny regarding his "problem". Of course, The Twilight Knight has other plans...

end of chapter 4...


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can't get enough of this!! more more more!!! :D

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