Wednesday, September 01, 2004


previously on the twilight knights: see previous chapters and introduction

Twilight Night

- Archon and Shimmer in The Twilight Knight's lair. He shows them around, but does not reveal his identity. He bullies Archon around and immediately treeats him as a subordinate, an underling.
- T.K. revelas a dossier of all metahuman who previously operated in ultracity, all inactive save for a very select, unrevealed few. List includes archon and shimmer.
- T.K. and archon train, the former outperforms archon and rubs it in his face incessantly
- The three (TK, archon, and shimmer) look for candidates for the team.
- T.K. insists they call the team: The Twilight Knights
- T.K. makes the two feel offhand that he is the team's "leader"
- Beginning to notice The Twilight Knight's huuuge ego, archon now has second thoughts about the entire super hero team thing...

end of issue 3.


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