Sunday, April 03, 2005

fare ye well, blue beetle

I am a fan of yours, ever since. Back when you were written as a second rate spiderman, i cheered.... back when you were written as a worthless joke with a beer belly, i laughed (but not AT you)... and now, when you were finally written as one of the greatest detectives and heroes in the DC universe, only to die in the end (and killed by no less than one of my favorite characters as well)--- i cried.

i dont hate the writers-who-wrote-for-you-to- die. stories do need twists, and turn arounds...they need humor and absurdity...and they do need death. where does everyone go, after all? at least in comics and in stories you have the chance to get resurrected.

i hope you dont, ted kord. because your last adventure was perfect. befitting a hero, indeed.

good bye. send my regards to sue and tora.


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