Sunday, May 29, 2005

not sure them filters are working

blowing out smoke rings as i type this.

my throat hurts every time. and god, the gagging. the gagging. bugger this. i better kill the stick, now my eye's starting to hurt. squinting real hard. and the tears are starting to fall down my cheek. from the smoke, my dears, not anything else...

i SHOULD stop smoking, methinks. but not now. it keeps me from going crazy. yes, the ultimate justification for a life threatening vice: "i'm doing this for my health you know, being crazy can kill you". nyahaha. shit, im way beyond help.

anyway, whats been going on lately? SS (same shit),

and tomorrow? SSDD (same shit, different day)

but enough of my complaining. im sure people who read this blog (yes, the three of you), are sick and tired of my fucking whining. are you? sorry, cant help it. you know what this blog is for anyway, dont you? yep. you do. and so, you should understand.

im thinking of an inspiring thing to say to end this post.

i think that was it.



Blogger isha said...

dude. am back. I got you a pebble. i even smuggled it through the airport for you, nestled in some smelly old socks.

12:32 AM  

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