Tuesday, October 04, 2005

da li'l garapata dat dint matta'

The dog's name was Larry.

On him were fleas. Sixteen of them, to be exact. Sixteen young garapatas, some younger than the others. Everyday, Larry would go around places, mostly from here to there, and vice versa. All the garapatas would talk and chat about things that would interest them during their trips. All save one.

This little garapata had a world all his own. He wouldnt talk with the others at all. He would simply toil about his own way, doing things only he would enjoy. Try as the others might, they could not get him to speak up. And so, they started to ignore him. Some might have gone to the extent of actually hating him, even. The little garapata would simpy think to himself: "they just dont understand me", and went on playing with, errr..., BY himself.

Time passed by and some of the older garapatas got off Larry and moved on to other dogs. They were soon replaced by younger ones. None of the garapatas that left bothered to say goodbye to the little garapata, and none of the new ones dared to say hello. And the little garapatas simply thought to himself: "you can all come and go...but none of you will ever know"

Then came the time that the little garapata had to move on. He didnt bother to say goodbye to the other garapatas and frankly, the others didnt even notice that he had already left. Even Larry the dog failed to note that he wasnt itching in one particular spot on his body anymore.

The little garapata moved from one dog to another. But he gradually learned to fit in, for some reason. Then, when he settled on a Sarimanok, he broke out. He decided to live amongst others. He learned to appreciate colors, things, wonders that others also see, not only the rainbows and words and WORLDS in his head. He began to speak. Yes, the little garapata began to speak. Some might say he wouldnt stop. He went on make new garapata friends and finding old ones. He became happy, at last.

These days, though, he is at his happiest.

The little garapata just recently found a new home. He is now comfortably nested on the soft silky fur of a panda bear that used to be a hamster.

the end.



Blogger tobie said...

Am greatly touched man. Yah! Am an Ibil Ay short story! hehehehe Thanks buddy!
Appreciate it!

5:05 PM  
Blogger evil_eye said...

no prob, dude ;-)

9:07 PM  
Blogger isha said...

Awww. Am touched. I owe you a hug.

9:32 PM  
Blogger isha said...

By the way, I want a story or else I'll think you have a nefarious interest in Tobie and not in me.

9:33 PM  
Blogger evil_eye said...


this was for the two of you.


2:22 PM  

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