Tuesday, October 04, 2005

evil eye commutes

Hhh. I commuted. I've started doing so more and more these days. I dont mind. It affords me to commune with the outside world. It gives me a sense of what is going on around, outside the confines of my mundane private life inside the panopticon fortress.

I got off the walkway from my moon fortress and started working my way to the main shuttle station. Barely a few steps along it, two women asked me for directions I never thought anyone on the moon would not know, there were hardly no buildings after all. I mean, you just walk long enough and you might fall into the crater you were looking for. Anyway, paranoia kicked in which caused a litle hesitation on my part to give clear and concise directions. Well, I thought I was being conned! Can you blame me? I guess that's how I see the world these days. Nobody's asking for help without an ulterior motive and nobody dives it out without anything in return. So...I gave them the vaguest answer I could afford without being overly rude, and went my way. I finally reached the space shuttle station.

I found little difficulty in getting a good seat inside the shuttle as I was the first one to go in. Passengers started to trickle in soon afterwards. I was trying to get some sleep in the comfort of my own little corner in the shuttle when i started hearing the conversation of two chatty women behind me. Mother and Daughter. To them, it was as if they were home, talking loudly thinking that the next neighbor they have is a good few miles away.

"Did you call dad already?" Daughter says.

"Let HIM call me. Its expensive even to text from here to Saturn." Mother replies.

"Don't you miss him? I do." Daughter says while munching some chips they had. crunch. crunch. CRUNCH.

"Hmmm...oh, wait" Mother checks her phone as it receives a message.

"Its him" after she reads the message. "he's checking if were alright because he heard from the universal newsnet that there's a meteor shower heading our way."

"I wish he were here" Daughter says.

"Yeah, but he says his conference got extended and that he and his secretary might stay there for a few more weeks"

At that particular instant, i thought: "yeah, right. he's probably boning his secretary right now."

And then, silence. Mother and daughter sleep.

And all I can think about after that is: I wonder what the secretary looks like...hmmmmm...


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Its so fun to read between the lines!

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