Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Lola Poem

I stumbled upon the fiction collection of one of my local idols and was inspired by one of his poems. Here's his introduction to "tulang lola":

"in Philippine poetry there is a subgenre known as the “lola poem”. For some reason, 85% of poems about family are poems about lolas. There have been about 134 poems about lolas written in the last year alone."

Here's my attempt at one:


Ah, Lola, my Lola
What have you become?
It has been years since
Lolo died and
all the time you were
together, ive never
heard you laugh and giggle
as i hear you now

why o why?

its because of him i know.
What a name.
Your kinky little nickname
for your favorite hobby

do you love it when
you pull his long slender shaft
while stroking it
for hours and hours?
or when you push
all his "right" buttons?

when you pay him cash
and he
deposits his load
into your bucket?

oh, your delight!
and your despair, when
sometimes he has no load
to give you.

Please, lola.
Stop your evil ways.
Leave him alone.
Cease your addiction to him

Deny yourself this sinful pleasure
you call nicanor,
also known as
Slot machine # 9
center isle,
ground floor,
casino filipino.



Blogger isha said...

ay. bastus!

1:01 AM  
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