Monday, January 30, 2006

i want to write write write but cant cant cant

ive been reading all the stuff ive managed to do in the last few months and came up with this conclusion: I AM STILL, AND FOREVER WILL BE...a CRAPPY WRITER. i rush things, my words are shallow (see? any adjective shallower than shallow when describing shallowness?) Yeah, i said it before in one of my first entries in this blog, and i've proven it in the months ive been blogging. What's worse is, I intended this blog to be something purely personal, for my eyes only, and now, quite a few has discovered it and probably agree that it is crap. Now...i'm a crappy writer in the eyes of everybodyyyyy...

this isnt self pity.

this isnt boo-hoo i write crap, pay me a compliment to make me feel better

it just is. just another crappy entry.

Don't worry, i'll keep writing crappy things... and hopefully surprise myself and you, once in a while.

I cant help being crappy anyway. i just wasnt born to do this. but trying because i love to read and i love to write, even if writing doesnt love me back.

crap over. til the next post anyway.


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