Wednesday, February 01, 2006

stories to do. so little time.

stories i'm currently working on. or should i say, upcoming crap from me:

1.)embalmist who meets a dead girl who has a crush on him.


blah blah blah blah hmmm why is this dead girl staring at me?

2.)drug addict confined in a hospital basement.


blah blah blah today i teach the new girl the wonders of fellatio. yeaaah...

3.)guy meets a man he just saw on a wanted for murder poster


blah blah blah as greg shakes the hand of tom he wonders where he has seen him before, 'is he perhaps a celebrity?' thinks greg....

hope i have time to do them. wish me luck.


no. i'm serious.


Blogger Dennis said...

Hahahah funny! :)

5:28 AM  

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