Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Captains Blog 06-001

Ray, Echo
Captain, The Inter Prize
1322 H

Hello. My name is Echo Ray. I am the skipper of the starship Inter Prize, wing ship in the Intergalactic Conflux fleet. This is my first entry.

Allow me to describe our fleet and its mission. The Conflux is an Intergalactic conglomerate driven by its greedy nature (gad i hope the commodore reads this blog waaay after the interprize is decommisioned, and i am retired) to monopolize the intergalactic trade and financial data exchange of the universe. Yes. The universe. It is not alone in this endeavor and the fleet has a myriad of rivals.

My part of the fleet is assigned at the maktecia region, whilst the rest of the fleet is assigned, well, outside maktecia and is named as so('outmaktecia', much to the complaints of THAT portion of the fleet as they are of the opinion that since the commodore heavily favors one of the captains here, hence stated without doubt that the Maktecia sub-fleet is the 'main' strength of our forces. but, THAT is another story which i will enter in my future logs)

The maktecia subfleet is composed of the following starships: The Conflux One, our flagship, commanded by the aforemention heavily favored captian, Fox Ferguson. Then there is the Wing Ship, The Inter Prize, commanded by yours truly. Bringing up the rear are two frigates, The Inzular and The Tower, being helmed by the loose cannon, Alpha Ray. (not related to me, despite being referred to by the general public as my brother)

The Fleet has been sailing the cosmos for close to three years now. You may be wondering why I only started this log now. Let's just say I did not feel the need until this very moment. There is this nagging sense of doom looming ahead. The Conflux seems to be heading nowhere. And if we are all headed to destruction then I pray that whoever sifts through the remains may find my entries useful in the process of piecing together what really happened.

I pray to Gad i am just paranoid.

Echo Ray.

end of log.


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