Thursday, May 11, 2006


i just saw the full trailer of Superman Returns and am now hopelessly psyched about the movie. I must admit that although The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies of all time, i had mixed feelings on Byan Singer's handling of the two first x-men films. i felt it did not have the action and excessiveness of the comicbooks, but at the same time was satisfied with the realism they portrayed. but the bottomline is: i wanted more slam bang action.

Superman Returns for me, then, should have that since they've established that this is a sequel, and not a rehashing like batman begins was. it should not dwell on how or why superman came to be. i want the next level, and i dont mean just advancement in special effects. i want new villains, world ending threats, mass mayhem and destruction (ergo, i loved kevin smith's proposed script a few years ago). having said all that, though, im still eagerly awaiting this movie, even if early indications is that:


the villain is still luthor (and his incompetent minions), the world ending threats are still petty crimes and a crashing plane, and the grand finale involves an earthquake.

anyway, here are some favorite scenes from the trailer

"okay lois, after this its my turn" *crunch*

i love the fact that superman now 'hovers in a standing position' a lot ala-kingdom come.

is it me or is that plane crashing...upwards?

nice shot. rehash of a scene in superman 1 and 2...but still, nice shot.



still think the 's' on the belt is a tad overkill.

*yawn* normal bullets? feh! see how they bounce back at ya!

looks like this is going to be a great action sequence in the movie. but...seriously, give me superpowered villains instead. no, not nuclear man thank you.

still, cant wait to see this movie.


Blogger isha said...

Haha. Kevin Spacey (Aptly named!) looks like the teacher in the KFC commercial with a big mouth.

5:22 PM  

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