Wednesday, May 24, 2006

very important announcement regarding xmen: the last stand...

Do not, i repeat, do not leave the movie until after the credits. There is a final scene which may redeem the movie (at least for those, like me, that hated one of the key deaths in the movie)

ho boy. deaths. theres lots of them here in the supposedly 'final' installment of the series. but sadly, the one I wanted to die was spared. spared!

i guess i got what i wanted then eh? i wanted non-stop slam bang action in an X-men film. Bryan Singer did not give us that in the previous two, hence my luke warm feelings towards them. but boy did i miss his subtlety and character development approach here. the very characters he built in the first two where totally disrespected. no redeeming factor whatsoever. i didnt want an exact replica of the comicbooks, mind you, but jeez they didnt even honor the first two films' foundations. i have no problem with characters dying, but at least write them off honorably.

that said, its still a watchable summer block buster movie, if only for the fantastic effects (but gad, storm flies funny, and the 'fastball special' was more like the 'floating ball held on a wire flung ever so slowly towards its target')

finally, i'd like to qoute two cliched dialogue in the movie: "god help us all" and "what have i done?"

what indeed. what, pray tell, indeed.


Blogger isha said...

I especially hate this scene:

Warren Worthington 2: "But it's what we want!"
Angel: "No, dad, it's what you want."

*angel rips off the restraints and poses with full wingspan.

I wish he could have fixed angel's character up some more. And I hate what he did to rogue. Oh, but I did love this movie. I did.

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