Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Captain's Blog 06-003

Ray, Echo
1700 H

My apologies for this long delayed relaying of the recent dreadful events that have happened. In my last log, I spoke of a meeting with our Senior Captain, Marie Sen-Sen and its seemingly sinister intent, which is to consolidate me and Alpha Ray's captainship into the command of Fox, the captain of our Flagship, The Conflux One. Our fears where realized. It was a move of pure malice and evil, it was to put into motion a power struggle between the two subfleets that I did not want to be part of. You see, that move will tip the balance of power towards the Maktecia Subfleet. I want one Conflux, but not one borne from the ashes of a civil war where one faction rules and the other-slaves.

But that, dear reader, is exactly what happened. War raged and the Maktecia fleet is currently laying waste to Outmaktecia's ships. I...abandoned the battle midway, for i could not bear pointing my cannons at those I consider my friends. My crew and I feigned massive damage and broke away from the onslaught. I jumped ship and resigned as its captain, to save my crew. It was hard for me to do so, but it was the right path for me. My crew understood. Gad knows how I loved them, and out of that very love i had to leave them behind. They will not suffer any consequences as I took all responsibility for the ship's abandonment of the battle. Alpha Ray has since then assumed, reluctantly, the captainship of the Interprize. His is a struggle far from over. As is mine.

I vow to return and save my crew, save Alpha Ray, and save my friends in Outmaktecia. I am now aboard a pirate ship. Nameless, for it has to be a unmentionable. Invisible, for it has to slip by the Conflux One unnoticed. Dead but undead, for it has to be a ghost. Shrewd and cunning, for it has to strike at the opportune moment.

Gad help me, I must be victorious. Lives depend on me.

End of log.


Blogger isha said...

trekkie! ooh.

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Blogger evil_eye said...

yaiks, no not at all. I'll be an insult to the trekkies out there...

peace, vulcans and urm members of the federation!


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